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Why I Agree With Seneca s Reasoning And How It Has Helped Me

In this paragraph, I am going to elaborate on why I agree with Seneca’s reasoning and how it has helped me. After analyzing Seneca’s main arguments on ethics and reflecting on past events in which I reacted in an irrational manner, I have come to the conclusion that I exhibit destructive emotions predominantly when I desire something beyond my control. In Nassim Taleb’s â€Å"Fooled By Randomness,† one of the chapters is titled â€Å"If your so smart, why aren’t you rich?† It is a constant reminder to myself that acquiring prosperity has more to do with luck than one’s work ethic, but a strong work ethic does help. In mathematics, there is a simulation which can help show the sequence of sample paths that result from a random event. Taleb describes the Monte Carlo Simulation as, â€Å"One sets conditions believed to resemble the ones that prevail in reality, and launches a collection of simulations around possible event† (Taleb 43). These alternative sample paths illustrate all the potential outcomes, rather than only one, the one which plays out in history. Why is this important? It is relevant because it is something Seneca implicitly eluded to 2000 years ago; rather than solely focusing on the event that occurred, known as survivorship bias, they looked at the whole picture. They understood that adversity and luck were products of randomness. Therefore, they realized it was irrational to become dependent on such a thing, dependence breeds anxiety and other destructive emotions. AShow MoreRelatedStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 Pagesand permission should be obtained from the publisher prior to any prohibited reproduction, storage in a retrieval system, or transmission in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or likewise. To obtain permission(s) to use material from this work, please submit a written request to Pearson Education, Inc., Permissions Department, One Lake Street, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey 07458, or you may fax your request to 201-236-3290. Many of the designations by manufacturers

Development of a Human Being

Question: Explain how cultural/ethnicity differences between an early childhood educator and child impact on forming secure attachment? Answer: Introduction Education has been the basic criteria when one can develop and try to nurture his behaviour and problems with the over-all development. It is said that children are best are grabbing the knowledge in different platforms and remove their insensitivity by keeping themselves at peace. (Sousa et al., 2011). With the challenges in hand, it is the responsibility of the different educators to spread their acknowledgment, thereby, try to disperse their magnetic effect to the different people. Often, it has been seen that there are certain problems like racism which try to restrict the stereotype problems, thereby, bringing up a claim to resolve the major issues, which generally try to create an impact on the opportunities that come to the way. Explain how cultural/ethnicity differences between an early childhood educator and child impact on forming secure attachment? It is the cultural impact only that the person is able to up-bring all the moral values and could treat the others with respect. (Joseph et al., 2014). This is all a mark of an educated person who is ready to maintain his image and change the world with different prospective approach. The importance of nurturing oneself and trying to classify all the connections which will lead to a better shift in the prejudice, thereby, trying to manage the classification as well as perceiving a better pasts. The professionals which try to provide knowledge lead to managing all the behavioural and variant attitudes which try to bring a major sort of personalisation in an individual. As per the conversation analysis with the elders, one could easily depict that there is a need for a dialogic bond which will help in empowering a better outlook towards approaching the children with different outlook. The feel to do the best job comes by sharing the experiences with the elders and trying to make their partner which will help in a big cultural and social support. The flourishing of that sort remains stagnant and it is difficult to handle the pre-servicing solutions which is important for building up a localised knowledge for the connection. It is clear that the elders would want to teach the young ones all what is ethical an morally correct so that they are able to bring it up to their responsibilities. The cultural changes comes when one is able to understand the need to analyse the beauty of their religion or ethos which different from place to place. There is a need to provide major help in the information which will have a security to develop the knowledge, thereby, reflecting the major influence on treating the personal difficulties and coming up over the pains. (Buyse et al., 2011). Educated professionals can help in identifying the major issues related to strengths and other weakness which are generally to up bring the role to lead to better foundation and response. The provision of the warming referrals helps in including the variants which try to depend on the support associated with the influential socio-psychological factors. The variants try to bring in the complications which try to reflect all the resentful application where there is a major support from establishing a better routine experience and leading to an attachment as to treat the stress.(Bernard et al., 2012). The relationship which holds the thoughts and the sustainability often leads to powerful knowledge which have an impact on the traits leading to the development of better speeding rate and experiencing the challenge which has a better bond to achieve the productive approach for building up a better relationship. Conclusion Education has always been supportive to achieve the overall development of a human being and providing a better result in the growth of an individual. The services, which are provided by the people, are sensitive and understanding which lead to a collaboration of different opportunities and helping in managing all the flourishments. (Hamre Pianta, 2001). It has become important to program all the throughput and manage the child securely to respond to all the regulative solutions and trying to endure the ambivalence which will help in resisting the disorganisation and treating the threat to the society. Reference Bernard, K., Dozier, M., Bick, J., Lewisà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ Morrarty, E., Lindhiem, O., Carlson, E. (2012). Enhancing attachment organization among maltreated children: Results of a randomized clinical trial.Child Development,83(2), 623-636. Joseph, M. A., O'Connor, T. G., Briskman, J. A., Maughan, B., Scott, S. (2014). The formation of secure new attachments by children who were maltreated: An observational study of adolescents in foster care.Development and psychopathology,26(01), 67-80. Sousa, C., Herrenkohl, T. I., Moylan, C. A., Tajima, E. A., Klika, J. B., Herrenkohl, R. C., Russo, M. J. (2011). Longitudinal study on the effects of child abuse and childrens exposure to domestic violence, parent-child attachments, and antisocial behavior in adolescence.Journal of interpersonal violence,26(1), 111-136. Hamre, B. K., Pianta, R. C. (2001). Early teacherchild relationships and the trajectory of children's school outcomes through eighth grade.Child development,72(2), 625-638. Buyse, E., Verschueren, K., Doumen, S. (2011). Preschoolers' attachment to mother and risk for adjustment problems in kindergarten: Can teachers make a difference?.Social Development,20(1), 33-50.

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Sepsis Early Detection and Treatment free essay sample

Associated mortality rates with sepsis in the United States have remained largely unchanged for several decades. Through an international collaboration known as the Surviving Sepsis Campaign formed in 2002 under the sponsorship of the International Sepsis Forum, it was recommended that evidence-based guidelines be used for the treatment of patients with severe sepsis and septic shock. From these guidelines, recommendations of the development of an initial resuscitation bundle and then followed by a management bundle came from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (Durthaler, Ernst Johnston, 2009). Early Detection Sepsis can be defined as a systemic inflammatory response syndrome in response to infection. Severe sepsis is associated with acute organ dysfunction (Durthaler et al. , 2009). Sepsis can be identified in a patient with two indicators of systemic inflammatory response syndrome along with a known or suspected infection. For successful treatment of sepsis, early recognition and rapid response are vital as the progression to severe sepsis and then septic shock can be quick. We will write a custom essay sample on Sepsis Early Detection and Treatment or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page While severe sepsis requires treatment in a critical care area, its recognition is often made outside of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). With nurses being at the side of a patient from admission to discharge, this places them in an ideal position to be first to recognize sepsis. Assessments by nurses need to take into account the signs and symptoms of sepsis. The progression of sepsis can be subtle, rapid and often deadly. Sepsis is broken down into four stages. The first stage is the systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS). SIRS can be a systemic inflammation resulting from any major insult to the body. In SIRS you will have two or more of the following present: A temperature higher than 38 C or lower than 36? C. Heart rate greater than 90 beats per minute. Respiratory rate greater than 20 breaths per minute or a partial pressure of carbon dioxide (PCO2) less than 32 mmHg. White blood cell count higher than 12 x 103/mm3, lower than 4 x 103/mm3or with more than 10% band cells. The patients in stage one can usually be cared for out of the ICU but should be continuously monitored for signs and symptoms of sepsis. The second stage is sepsis which is identified by the presence of two of the SIRS criteria along with a known or suspected infection. In many cases however the actual cause of infection is never identified. Treatment can be delayed in waiting for confirmation of infection source. Once suspected the most effective course of action is to initiate treatment and monitor the patient for signs and symptoms of organ failure. The third stage is severe sepsis which occurs when a patient shows signs and symptoms of organ failure. The patient will require aggressive treatment in the critical care area once severe sepsis is suspected. The fourth stage is septic shock which is defined as severe sepsis plus hypotension that does not respond to fluid resuscitation. The chances of recovery are significantly reduced if by this stage the patient has not already been transferred to the ICU (Nelson, LeMaster, Plost and Zahner, 2009). Treatment of Sepsis As stated in Rivers, Nguyed, Havstad, Ressler, Muzzin, Knolich et al. (2001): Early hemodynamic assessment on the basis of physical findings, vital signs, central venous pressure, and urinary output fails to detect persistent global tissue hypoxia. A more definitive resuscitation strategy involves goal-oriented manipulation of cardiac preload, afterload, and contractility to achieve a balance between systemic oxygen delivery and oxygen demand. End points used to confirm the achievement of such a balance (hereafter called resuscitation end points) include normalized values for mixed venous oxygen saturation, arterial lactate concentration, base deficit, and pH. Mixed venous oxygen saturation has been shown to be a surrogate for the cardiac index as a target for hemodynamic therapy. In cases in which the insertion of a pulmonary-artery catheter is impractical, venous oxygen saturation can be measured in the central circulation (p. 1368). The focus for the general care nurse outside of the ICU is to be able to recognize sepsis and to initiate appropriate interventions in an appropriate amount of time. Nurses need to facilitate the transfer of the patient to an ICU as urgently as possible. Once sepsis is suspected, it is important to closely monitor patients for signs and symptoms of progression with increasing frequency of assessments. While awaiting transfer of a patient to the ICU certain interventions can be initiated by nursing. The physician can be alerted and request for orders to draw lab work to help monitor the patient. Administer oxygen as needed and place a urinary catheter to track output closely. Suggest placing a central line and the beginning of fluids for support(Nelson, 2009). In the Surviving Sepsis Campaign guidelines for management of severe sepsis and septic shock (Dellinger, Carlet, Masur, Gerlach, Calandrea, Cohen, et al. 004, March) discussed evidence based therapies in the management of sepsis. Resuscitation of patients should begin as soon as sepsis is recognized and not delayed prior to ICU admission. Appropriate cultures should be obtained prior to antibiotics being started. Empirical anti-infective therapy should be guided by the susceptibility patters of microorganisms in the community and in the hospital. One or more should have activity against likely pathogens and be able to penetra te into the likely source of the sepsis. Therapy should be typically 7 to 10 days and guided by clinical response. Each patient presenting with sepsis should be evaluated for the source of infection and source control. Fluid resuscitation may consist of natural or artificial colloids or crystalloids. After an appropriate fluid challenge has failed to restore adequate blood pressure then vasopressors should be started with norepinephrine or dopamine as the first choice. Dobutamine should be considered in patient with low cardiac output after adequate fluid resuscitation. Corticosteroids are recommended for patients who require vasopressors therapy despite adequate fluid replacement. Recombinant human activated protein C in recommended in patients at high risk of death, sepsis induced multiple organ failure and acute respiratory distress syndrome with no contraindication related to a risk for bleeding. Without any extenuating circumstances red blood cell transfusion should occur only when hemoglobin decreases to less than 7. 0 g/dL to target hemoglobinof 7 to 9 g/dL. In patient with sepsis platelets should be given when levels

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Essay on Modern American History

Essay on Modern American History Essay on Modern American History Essay on Modern American HistoryThere are no doubts that the Civil Rights Movement has brought tremendous changes to the whole country. Let us explore some of those changes that has impacted modern day America.The main impact of the Civil Rights Movement can be seen in abolition of the practice of racial segregation (firstly in the southern states, and then throughout the whole country), and the adoption of a series of laws to protect the rights of black citizens. It leads to equality among the white and black population. Moreover, the movement has changed not only the attitude to the black population, but it also proved that all people should be treated well in spite of their skin color, race, religious views and other specific characteristics.The Civil Rights Movement helped the country to create new social, legal and political systems because these systems were previously dominated only by the white population. For instance, blacks received the right to vote, to shop, to attend sc hools, universities and other places together with whites. Blacks always called whites in polite way as â€Å"Mr.† or â€Å"Mrs.†, although whites seldom bestowed blacks with such a politeness. So, blacks received not only many rights, but the most important thing that they received was a good and respectful attitude to them. So, modern day America became quite another country with people who have equal rights especially due to the Civil Rights Movement.In addition, the Civil Rights Movement has impacted my life too. For instance, nowadays I have many friends among African-Americans and whites and there are no differences between us. We can visit any place in the country and nobody will try to note that color of our skin is different or that some of us are better. It seems to me that the Civil Rights Movement allowed the country to promote the highest social values better, and it led to very positive results because only in conditions of respect and equality people can improve themselves and lead the country to prosperity. Essay on Modern American History Essay on Modern American History Essay on Modern American History‘Escape from Sobibor’ is a 1987 British movie aired on CBS. The movie was directed by Jack Gold, a British television director, and then shot in Avala, Yugoslavia’s biggest film company. The movie tells the audience about Sobibor – Hitler’s concentration camp in Poland, one of dozens of Nazi death camps built specifically to exterminate Jews from the Germans conquered countries. It is a place where prisoners were executed only because they were Jews. Indeed, the movie describes many of the well-known aspects of the Holocaust, including tortures and some other medical experiments. In 1943, the members of the camp’s resistance succeeded in the most massive escape in the history of the death camps. As a result, the death camp was closed because of the massive escape of inmates who decided to resist the Nazi ‘order.’Lieutenant Pechersky, a Soviet prisoner of war, was transferred from one camp to another until he is brought to his final destination – the Sobibor camp. Almost every day new Jews brought to Sobibor were immediately gassed and burned. The overall oppressive atmosphere of imminent death and inhuman conditions make many even powerful people feel depressed and oppressed. However, Lieutenant Pechersky does not loose heart. He, along with a group of like-minded people, begins to prepare an escape. In fact, this is a very complex undertaking requiring a long and laborious preparation.According to Lieutenant Pechersky’s plan, the prisoners were required to secretly liquidate the SS camp staff, and then seize weapons stockpiled in the camp and kill the guards. The plan succeeded only partially: the rebels were able to kill the part of the SS camp personnel, but they could not seize the armory. The guards opened fire on the prisoners, and they were forced to break out of the camp through the minefields. They managed to crush the guards and go to the forest. Howeve r, a significant proportion of prisoners could not escape due to the difficult consequences. After escaping Pechersky led a guerrilla unit and fought until the arrival of the Red Army. After the war, he was a witness at the trial of Ukrainian collaborators – former security guards at Sobibor. Hence, it is possible to see that this edifying movie is based on the true events occurred during World War II. Indeed, the movie makes people not only believe in everything that happens, but also reflect on the terrible and tragic chapter in the history of mankind.Thus, taking the above-mentioned information into consideration, it is possible to draw a conclusion that ‘Escape from Sobibor’ is a very interesting film that reproduces details of the events that were actually occurred during the Second World War. In fact, it is a truly instructive movie that fully demonstrates the horrors of that period, showing the younger generation the price people has paid for their freedom and prosperity. This tape makes people plunge into that terrible time and allows to feel what the prisoners felt – tortures, torments, and tremendous pains. As a result, ‘Escape from Sobibor’ can rightly be considered to be one of the best movies about the Holocaust. It is highly recommended for those who like watching heroic war movies because it provides only the right thoughts and conclusions about the actual events of those times: about the war, its cruelty, inhumanity and horror of those years.

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A Journal opinion article and address an economic issue of current Essay - 1

A Journal opinion article and address an economic issue of current interest to Wall Street Journal readers - Essay Example a Questions & Answers session with Josh Zumbrun and Brian Baskin published on the Wall Street Journal (n.pag.), the two economics correspondents highlighted the implications of a reduction in world oil prices. It is true that a reduction in oil prices will increase GDP, create more jobs and reduce consumer prices however the long-term implications can sabotage technological development in the shale oil exploration, oil extraction and petroleum production projects. Most oil projects are large-scale developmental projects that require huge funding but a reduction in oil prices will make them less feasible. Investments in the oil sector will reduce and this will threaten the production of fuel which is a highly sought-after product for the industries. There are other psychological implications to the oil price reduction. Firstly, lower prices will stimulate a behavior of greater consumption which will increase consumer spending. Secondly, the sense that gas prices are low, consumers will not find an incentive to switch to more fuel efficient cars. As a result, investment in fuel efficient cars will decline making the production of fuel efficient cars unprofitable. Another impact would be that people will start to spend greater amounts on fuel and burn more fuel. The drop in prices will thus be adjusted by greater consumption of fuel and this will increase the overall demand. Considering the long term implications of the drop in fuel prices, there is a need for the government to regulate oil prices since oil is an important commodity. A price floor should be implemented below which the price of oil should not be allowed to fall (Mankiw, 117). This will help mitigate the impact of falling oil prices on consumer spending, greater fuel demand, and reduced investment in oil projects. In the long run this will enable healthy investments in fuel efficient cars as well as oil production projects so that they ensure ample oil supply that powers industries and fuel efficient

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Working with groups Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Working with groups - Essay Example They can sometimes be positive and sometimes negative depending on how they are translated by others in the group. In relation to myself with others, I learned that my strong value system seems to make me a candidate for leadership in the group. People seem to appreciate my outspoken attitudes. The positive way that followers in the group responded to my thoughts and ideas made me the person who would empower others that made the group function better. The most difficult activity in the group was getting meaningful feedback. Because most in the group found common values and attitudes, people did not want to challenge the discussion for fear of conflict. This seemed to limit productivity that Stubbs talks about in the textbook. Stubbs also mentions that situations are always in a state of flux in a group and this was hard to reduce to make discussion more productive and valuable. What I learned that would be most valuable to a future career is linked to the last discussion about fear of conflict and good social connection in the group. I learned that when people get along very well in a group, they will sometimes hold onto the truth and not provide thoughts or ideas that might cause harm to these connections. This is why a group seems to need a leader to keep conversation focused and empower others to be honest. The group seems to need a leader to keep things productive when others are concerned about making everyone happy. For example, English is my second language and it made translating difficult at times. Rather than say they did not understand, they wanted to keep peace in the group. A real professional commits to excellence which was in the leadership video. Excellence is honesty in a group that wants to be productive even if it means creating productive conflict. The leadership video also said that people need to embrace humor and optimism with a quote by the disabled Helen